The 30 m², acoustically designed control room with daylight has 2 pairs of B&W and Dynaudio reference speakers and excellent monitoring properties. This room adjoins a 20 m² recording room with daylight and an additional 5 m² recording room. Visual contact is available between the three rooms. The rooms are fitted with acoustically treated desks, partition screens and stands, making them suitable for one or more speakers, interviews and radio productions.

It is also possible to broadcast live from our studio via ISDN or IP-Codec or connect to interview partners during programs.

We can adapt equipment size to the recording situation using our mobile technology. We can realise special technology and microphone requirements at any time. You can also hire microphones, individual components or complete mobile equipment at affordable conditions.

The broadcasting vehicle for CD productions, live radio transmissions and recordings (built 2000) was completely modernised in 2015. The main feature is the DM 2000 Yamaha mixer with up to 64 channels for large, multi-track recordings. The AD conversion with up to 192 kHz on stage is possible since the 2015 renovation thanks to the remote controlled RME Octamic XTC converter, connected via a 200m-long fibre optic cable.

A Magix Sequoia or Merging Pyramix 64-track recording and editing system can also be used for recordings. A bonsaiDRIVE system allows easy video linking. A large Clearcom communication system allows for recording and supervision under compliented conditions, an incorporated commentator unit expands the range of services. Guests can be connected to live broadcastings via a telephone hybrid. A post line amplifier and Codec MusicTaxi VP pro with 2 S0 ports or IP-Codecs are available for live broadcasts. Using complex intercom facilities, we can also realise complex events such as show broadcasts and TV sound.

We can realise special technology and microphone requirements at any time (such as microport devices, IP-Codecs, satellite broadcast). You can also hire broadcasting vehicles including an engineer and additional equipment at an affordable price.

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