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Live Broadcast


"A little magic will last you forever..."

Actually not only practicable in times of Corona: With a live connection the dialogues for the "Long Night" about the British author Roald Dahl, recorded in the studio of PARRY AUDIO, were sent directly to Cologne. Neither speaker, author nor editor had to travel and yet they were directly involved!

Speaker: Achim Buch
Author: Sabine Fringes
Editor: Dr. Monika Künzel
Recording in Hamburg: Karola Parry

Live connection to Mango Studios Cologne, Christoph Bette

Broadcast 2020 April 11th



Mithatcan Öcal


Shortly before the corona lockdown we finished the recordings of the piece "Alessandro Perevelli" by Mithatcan Öcal with Deutsche Symphonie Orchester Berlin, conducted by Peter Rundel. A big symphonic instrumentation with many percussion instruments and a glass harmonica.

Co-production of Deutschlandfunk Kultur and the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation
Deutschlandfunk Kultur Editor: Rainer Pöllmann

Jesus Christus Kirche, Berlin Dahlem
Recording Producer: Karola Parry
Recording Engineer: Martin Eichberg



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