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Opera - Theater Bonn

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Recording from 10.10.2021

Broadcast date at Deutsclandfunk Kultur on 23.10.2021 at 19:05

Rolf Liebermann
"Leonore 40/45"
Opera semiseria in one prelude and two acts
Libretto: Heinrich Strobel

Yvette - Barbara Senator, soprano
Madame Germaine, Yvette's mother - Susanne Blattert, alto
Albert - Santiago Sánchez, tenor
Hermann, his father - Pavel Kudinov, bass-baritone
Lejeune, instrument maker - Martin Tzonev, bass

Choir of the Bonn Opera
Beethoven Orchestra Bonn
Conductor: Daniel Johannes Mayr

In 1959 Rolf Liebermann's Opera semiseria had its last new production. At that time, the Oldenburg audience resisted the fraternization drama between a German Wehrmacht soldier and a young French woman just as there had been protests at previous productions: post-war Germany was not ready for such a piece.

Editor and moderation DLFKultur: Stefan Lang

Recording producer: Karola Parry
Sound engineer: Eva Pöpplein
Technician: Daniel Evers, Maurice Böhle



Magic Watermelon


For the production of the new orchestra fairy tale Jin and the magic melon the ob van of PARRY AUDIO travelled to Frankfurt Oder. The orchestra recordings have been produced with the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester, the voice recordings with the actress Martina Gedeck took place in Berlin.

Music: Fabian Künzli
Text: Howard Griffiths

Speaker: Martina Gedeck
Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt Oder
Conductor: Howard Griffiths

Foto co Jens-Peter Bark

Recording Producer: Karola Parry
Balance Engineer: Michael Jaeckel
Editing, Mastering: Karola Parry



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