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Urban - Stream


The physical edition of this urban string concert has been transformed into a digital format - premiering January 22, 2021 at 7:30pm.

Click here for the stream 

The stream is free to access - those who wish to support Ensemble Resonanz and its streaming activity can purchase the supporter ticket for the urban string series.

Nika Son, electroacoustic composition
Annette ter Meulen, lighting design
Florian Schmuck, camera & editing
Karola Parry, recording producer, sound engineer
Juditha Haeberlin, idea & conception
Tom Glöckner, imagination & accompaniment
Franziska Rademacher, project management
Ruth Warnke, editing




To the memory


This year the contribution for the event of the 'Hamburger Bürgerschaft' on January 27, 2021 "In memory of the victims of National Socialism" was recorded in the PARRY AUDIO Studio.

Speaker: Barbara Auer, Michael Weber
Music: Jakob Neubauer, Edgar Herzog, Johannes Huth, Kohe Reinhardt, Jeffrey Weiss, Manusch Weiss

Concept, research, writing and direction: Michael Batz

Recording: Mehmet Ergin
Mixing, editing and mastering: Karola Parry

Video: Andrea Detmer





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